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Copiapoa longistaminea [sp. 'Tigrillo']


Copiapoa longistaminea  [sp. 'Tigrillo']

Copiapoa longistaminea  [sp. 'Tigrillo']

2 to 3" plants. Dark green to brown body. Dark brown, black to golden spines. Wooly tuft at the apex. Bronze/Yellow flowers.

3 year old seedlings

Habitat: Pan del Sal Saucon Valley, Chile [Cifuncho to Esmeralda]

March 2011
We're still working on figuring out just what this plant is. There is a Karl Knize name floating about (Copiapoa tigrillensis) of which Rudolf Shulz places as Copiapoa longistaminea. This may be a good candidate, but locating photos and other solid info about C. tigrillensis will need to be carried out.

July 2011
After further research, Only 4 species grow in the Tigrillo Valley area. C. longistaminea, C. taltalensis, C. columna-alba & C. grandiflora. We feel confident rulling out C. columna-alba and C. grandiflora so that leaves just 2. Other resources suggest this is an intermediate form of C. longistaminea / C. columna-alba. Further field research will be needed to clear this up, but we're going with C. longistaminea.



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